OUR STORY - Handmade with Love, Share with Pure Intentions

Chantelle's Granola is a small family-owned business started in 2015 by Sally Li, Bryan Cheng and Chantelle Cheng.  It all began in 2013 when Sally visited her daughter Chantelle in Santa Barbara, California. Chantelle, who is a nutritional chef, treated her to a most delicious, wholesome granola breakfast. Since then, the family has been sharing this tasty and healthy treat with friends and family as gifts.  Their enthusiastic feedback led to the birth of Chantelle's Granola in 2015. 

The family craft their granola weekly in small batches with care and commitment.  Chantelle's Granola is an artisan, handmade product using the best, 100% organic, hand-picked ingredients. Unlike commercial products in the market, we make this simple granola fresh every week in small batches without preservatives. 

“Handmade with Love” and “Share with Pure Intentions” is the foundation and philosophy of Chantelle’s Granola.