Our Team


About our founders:


Chantelle Cheng is a nutritional chef with a Holistic Nutrition Consultant certificate from Bauman College. She cooks for individuals, families, parties, and retreat settings using local and seasonal ingredients. She also helps individuals achieve their health goals by providing evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle education as well as guidance in the kitchen.

Formerly the chef at the Center for Spiritual Renewal at La Casa de Maria retreat center in Montecito, CA, she prepared meals for the guests using produce from its organic garden as well as local farmers markets.

Her love of food and appreciation for the world of flavors and textures began at an early age with exposure to both international cuisines as well as traditional Chinese home cooking. Inspired by her elders and personal experiences, the idea of food as a healing, health-promoting element became central to her journey as a chef. 

Her passion for cooking to nourish with beautiful, delicious food inspires eaters to make healthful choices. She also strives to model a positive relationship to food and nature for her young daughter, Sonali.  

Chantelle holds a Bachelor degree in Linguistics from UC Santa Barbara.



Together with Chantelle Cheng and Bryan Cheng, Sally Li is a co-founder of Chantelle’s Granola.  She started the business in Hong Kong in 2015 while she and her husband Victor were living there.  

After spending her entire career in the corporate world, she is re-discovering her true passion for food, music and the simplicity of life close to nature.  After living in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai for many years, she and her husband settled back in Marin County in 2017, where they enjoy the slower paced life they were seeking. Leveraging her years of business and IT experience, Sally is dedicating her time crafting this handmade granola and developing the business in the Northern California area.  

Sally holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from California State University, Fullerton. She enjoys yoga, hiking, gardening, playing the piano and skiing.