Fall is in the air! Our Fall / Winter Seasonal Flavor is here....... Posted on 28 Sep 09:13

Our Fall / Winter Seasonal Flavor Granola (Pumpkin Spice Pecan Cranberry) has arrived this week Sept 28, 2023.  Come get it at our farmers market this weekend.  And they are alrady stocked at your favorite markets in Marin, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Chantelle's Granola @ Le Marche Cezanne SF Posted on 21 Mar 23:02

Find us at Le Marche Cezanne in Potrero Hill - Almond Cherry, Hazelnut Cranberry & Sonali's Trail Mix - enjoy!

Spring 2023 is here! So is our Spring / Summer Seasonal Flavor Posted on 21 Mar 22:21

We are making Almond Lemon Blueberry again! Available this weekend (3/25/2023) until end of summer.

First day of Fall - Sept 22 - and our Fall / Winter Seasonal Flavor is back! Posted on 18 Sep 15:17

In respond to our customer requests, we are bringing back our last Fall / Winter Seasonal Flavor that we all love - pumpkin spice Pecan Cranberry.  It will be available starting September 22 2022.  We will be making both Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter Seasonal Flavor for next week for a smooth transition.  Both samples are available at the farmers market for you to taste. Enjoy!

Chantelle's Granola at Marina Supermarket San Francisco Posted on 11 Mar 18:38

Yet another new location you can pick up your favorite Chantelle's Granola - Marina Supermarket at 2323 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA. 94123.  Enjoy!

Chantelle's Granola at Blue Fog Market San Francisco Posted on 8 Mar 19:54

Chantelle's Granola are now available at Blue Fog Market at 2567 Gough St. in San Francisco. Pick up your favorite bag of Almond Cherry, Hazelnut Cranberry, Pecan Raisin or Seasonal Flavor (pumpkin spice Pecan Cranberry) there & enjoy!

New Fall / Winter 2021 Seasonal Flavor - pumpkin spice Pecan Cranberry w/molasses Posted on 19 Nov 18:14

It is a BIG HIT! Come to farmers markets Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to sample our new Seasonal Flavor - pumpkin spice Pecan Cranberry with molasses. Just a nice, subtle hint of the holiday spices, nothing too strong.

Chantelle's Granola is back in Southern California! Posted on 4 Oct 16:28

Thank you Chantelle's Granola fans and new customers who joined us at Mar Vista Farmers Market Sept 26 for our grand entrance back to So Cal!  We will be there every 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month.  Find us at 12198 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles. 9am - 2pm See you this Sunday!

Chantelle's Granola at Woodlands Markets SF & Marin Posted on 4 Oct 16:05

Chantelle's Granola are now available at all three Woodlands Markets (SF store at 203 Folsom St., Kentfield Store at 735 College Ave. & Tiburon store at 1550 Giburon Blvd.) Pick up your favorite bag of Almond Cherry, Hazelnut Cranberry or Pecan Raisin) there & enjoy!

Farewell WALNUT RAISIN, Hello New ALMOND CHERRY! Posted on 7 Sep 13:16

It is almost impossible to find good quality organic golden raisins locally and sustainably.  Our WALNUT GOLDEN RAISIN is also very similar to our PECAN RAISIN variety. So we decided to discontinue WALNUT RAISIN in order to preserve our overall granola quality. We continue to carry our three signature varieties - Almond Cherry, Hazelnut Cranberry & Pecan Raisin. 

Our brand new ALMOND CHERRY is now made with organic almonds from Kashiwase farm (Winton, CA) and dried organic cherries from Traina Foods (Patterson, CA).  These cherries are just sun dried with absolutely nothing added.  These farms are within 109 & 139 miles from our kitchen respectively.  We strive to source our ingredients locally and sustainably wherever possible, and our commitment to follow Kaizen (continuous improvement) methodology.

Everyday, we feed our customers with fresh, organic granola that are handmade weekly in small batches.  Nothing but the best!