Farewell WALNUT RAISIN, Hello New ALMOND CHERRY! Posted on 7 Sep 13:16

It is almost impossible to find good quality organic golden raisins locally and sustainably.  Our WALNUT GOLDEN RAISIN is also very similar to our PECAN RAISIN variety. So we decided to discontinue WALNUT RAISIN in order to preserve our overall granola quality. We continue to carry our three signature varieties - Almond Cherry, Hazelnut Cranberry & Pecan Raisin. 

Our brand new ALMOND CHERRY is now made with organic almonds from Kashiwase farm (Winton, CA) and dried organic cherries from Traina Foods (Patterson, CA).  These cherries are just sun dried with absolutely nothing added.  These farms are within 109 & 139 miles from our kitchen respectively.  We strive to source our ingredients locally and sustainably wherever possible, and our commitment to follow Kaizen (continuous improvement) methodology.

Everyday, we feed our customers with fresh, organic granola that are handmade weekly in small batches.  Nothing but the best!