Sonali's Trail Mix


Ingredients: almonds*, cashews*, dried cherries*, pistachios*, pecans*, pumpkin seeds*, brazil nuts*, pure maple syrup*, unsweetened coconut chips*, extra virgin olive oil*, sea salt 


Contains almond, cashew, pistachio, pecan, brazil nut & coconut

No Refined Sugars, No Gluten

Customers who love our granola asked us to create a trail mix for their hikes. During one of our road trips from Santa Barbara to LA with Sonali in tow, Chantelle and Sally brainstormed what kind of nuts to include. Then Sonali helped finalize the recipe by yelling “chocolate” from her car seat. Sonali’s Trail Mix was born from a collaboration of the three generations. We bake five kinds of nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios and brazil nuts) and pumpkin seeds in the same wholesome maple syrup and olive oil mixture as our granola, then sprinkle in dried cherries, dark chocolate and toasted coconut chips. It’s packed with energy, nutrients and love!

"My mom who turned 96 on June 30 (2020) and lives with us most of the time now, absolutely loves your granola! She's doing great but we're always encouraging her to eat more..... So your granola is helping someone in a fundamental way that you wouldn't necessarily be aware of :)" from neighbor in Muir Beach (June 2020)